Our Journey

Founded in Singapore, we’ve grown from a small operation with big dreams to a leading manufacturer and retailer of innovative, highly-automated electric laundry racks. Our commitment to excellence and our customers’ needs is what helped us create products that bring a new level of convenience, hygiene, and efficiency to homes across Singapore.

Our Mission

At Klasse, our mission is simple: to revolutionise the way you care for your garments. We strive to break free from traditional laundry norms, transforming routine tasks into seamless experiences. This mission is reflected in our products, designed to deliver superior drying solutions without compromising on safety, energy efficiency, or aesthetics.

Our Achievement

The SME 500 award is an annual business award that recgonises Singapore’s performing SMEs for quality, capability and excellence.

Our Values


At Klasse, we constantly strive to push the boundaries of design and technology. We embrace change, and are always in search of new, improved methods and products to serve our customers better.


We are committed to maintaining the highest quality standards in every product we offer. Each Klasse laundry rack is the result of meticulous design, rigorous testing, and premium materials.


We acknowledge our role in preserving the environment and are dedicated to implementing sustainable practices in our operations. Our products are designed to be energy-efficient, reducing carbon footprint and energy bills.

Customer Focus

Your satisfaction is our priority. We work tirelessly to ensure that our products and services meet and exceed your expectations.

Join Us

Explore our website, discover our range of products, and experience the Klasse difference. We are excited to bring our revolutionary approach to laundry care into your home, and we promise to continue enhancing your experience every step of the way.