Klasse Pro


Designed to anticipate your every need, the Klasse Pro elevates your laundry game.

  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Free Installation & Delivery

Key Features:

  • UV Sterilization Light
  • Ultra-Silent Motor
  • One-touch Lifting
  • Obstruction Sensor
  • Voice Control & Remote Control
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Elevate Your Laundry Game

Designed to anticipate your every need, this intelligent automated electric laundry rack featuring a capacity of 5 extendable poles is a dream come true for anyone who wishes for their clean laundry to dry hygienically and efficiently. Experience a new level of convenience and cleanliness with Klasse Pro.

The Klasse Promise

Technical Specifications

Dimensions: (130 ~ 220) cm x 33 cm x 8cm
Drying Poles: 5
Load Capacity: 35kg Heavy Duty
Host Length: 1.3m
Pole Extension: 0.9m
Material: Aerospace Grade Aluminum Alloy
Safety Features: Obstruction Sensor & Auto Human Detection (UV Sterlization Lamp)
Motor: 50W, 0.05kWh
Voice Control Module: No power consumption
LED light: 18w, 0.018kWh
UV Lamp: 8w, 0.008kWh
Cool Air: 15W*2, 0.03kWh
Hot Air: 350W, 0.7kWh

Perfect Drying With Gentle Precision

No more being subjected to unpredictable and often damaging effects of harsh weather conditions or high-heat dryers.

A True Sense of Cleanliness

Klasse Pro employs the latest in UV light technology to harness its sterilising power, effectively eliminating any remaining bacteria and viruses on your clothes. The technology penetrates the cell walls of these microorganisms and destroys their DNA, leaving your garments impeccably clean and germ-free.

When Safety is a Priority

Fitted with an obstacle detection technology, Klasse Pro ensures a safe and effortless laundry experience. When descending or ascending, it will automatically stop and intuitively reverse its position by 10cm when it senses an obstacle in its path.

Whether dealing with a low-hanging ceiling, a narrow doorway, or any other obstacles, Klasse Pro will seamlessly prevent collisions, giving you peace of mind and ensuring that your family members will never be in danger of injuries.

Hassle-Free OneTouch Lift

With Klasse Pro, clothes drying becomes a seamless and effortless experience that simplifies your daily routine.

With our innovative pressure sensor technology, simply hold the descending rack gently to stop it in its tracks.

Designed for effortless operation, Klasse Pro features a double-layer scissor-arm lifting frame that retracts and extends with ease, making it the perfect solution for busy households with frequent washloads.

Once your clothes are hung up, a gentle upward push is all it takes to lift the rack and begin the drying process. This one-touch lifting feature streamlines your laundry experience, especially when your hands are full or in a hurry.

The Laundry Rack That Won’t Let You Down

We take reliability seriously – which is why we’ve engineered a laundry rack that’s stable, dynamic, and built to last. Our heavy-duty scissor-arm lifting frame minimises swing and maximises solidity, providing a smooth and sturdy manoeuvring experience every time.

But that’s not all. Our #304 stainless steel wire rope boasts an impressive 2cm/19 strands for added durability and strength, while our double vortex winding system ensures a quiet and long-lasting operation that won’t let you down.

We’ll Lighten your Load

Laundry day can be a heavy burden – but Klasse Pro will lighten your load. Our product is engineered to handle up to 35 kg of laundry, equivalent to 3 full loads of a large-capacity washing machine.

Meeting your Laundry Needs

And with its expandable rack design that extends from 130 cm to 230cm, Klasse Pro is the perfect fit for any home. So toss in that extra towel or bulky comforter – Klasse Pro can handle it all with ease.

A Silent Symphony

We know that a quiet environment is vital to a comfortable home. That’s why we’ve designed our product with whisper-quiet operation in mind. In addition, our upgraded DC motor is engineered to minimise wear-and-tear, providing a prolonged lifespan for your Klasse Pro.

Always Perfectly Adjusted By You

Enjoy complete control over your laundry area lighting. Klasse Pro features five adjustable brightness levels for you to choose the perfect comfortable and convenient setting. Whether you prefer a bright, well-lit space or a more relaxed, subdued atmosphere, we’ve got you covered.

Also, you’re free to do laundry anytime without worrying about harsh or inadequate lighting. Alternatively, feel free to leave the lights on and use Klasse Pro as an elegant and practical lighting solution for your laundry room.


We understand the importance of safety and energy conservation. That’s why we’ve designed Klasse Pro to turn off automatically after two hours of running time. Our automatic shut-off feature ensures that Klasse Pro won’t be left running unnecessarily, saving you energy and money.

Top-Of-The-Line Quality

Forged from aerospace-grade aluminium alloy, renowned for its unparalleled strength, durability, and lightweight properties.

Intelligently Designed

Customise your drying experience- enjoy extensive adjustability by simply setting your required height and long-pressing the stop button for 3 seconds to save.

Designed for seamless installation on all ceiling types, including low and high ceilings, even sloped ceilings.

Upgrade your laundry experience with Klasse Pro, and discover a whole new world of convenience, efficiency, and gentle care for your clothes.

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