Klasse is Singapore’s thinnest automated laundry rack of 8cm thin, designed with quality & aesthetic in mind. 

Other brands in the market are 14cm thick on average.


Ultra Silent Motor

Klasse has a whisper-quiet operation at 30 dB. In addition, our upgraded DC motor is engineered to minimise wear-and-tear.

Other brands in the market have a motor of 50 dB on average.

UV Light Technology

Klasse’s advanced UV system has an inbuilt safety mechanism that automatically turns off when it detects a person in the area, preventing potential harm.

Other brands in the market with UV function does not have automatic human detection.


Premium Quality

Klasse is forged from aerospace grade aluminium alloy, renowned for its unparalleled strength, durability, and lightweight properties.

Other brands in the market are typically made with standard aluminum alloys.



Klasse provides 5 years of local warranty with reliable and responsive after sales service.

Other brands in the market typically provides 2 to 3 years of warranty.

Our Klasse Promise

Klasse is dedicated to delivering superior products, underpinned by impeccable customer service. Our commitment to quality, reliability and innovation has earned us a loyal customer base in Singapore and beyond.

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